You can file your application online through the SSA’s official website, over the phone, or at your local Social Security office. However, online applications are the quickest and most convenient way to apply for SSDI benefits.

When you apply online, you do not need to wait for an appointment, and you may save your application progress to complete the application later.

Learn About Applying for SSDI Online and Benefit Amounts

If you have dependents (family members who rely on you for income), they may be able to earn monthly SSDI payments too. Make sure to include them on your initial claim application.

Aside from your dependents, you will also need to gather the following information to file your SSDI claim.

  1. Contact info of your doctors & any hospitals or clinics that you have visited for your condition
  2. Dates of your medical visits
  3. Medical test results
  4. Most recent W-2 or federal tax return
  5. Social Security number
  6. Birth certificate

The amount of monthly cash that you can receive in disability benefits depends on how long you have worked during your life, and how long you have paid into the Social Security system by paying taxes. This is known as your average indexed monthly earnings or AIME.

If you do qualify to receive benefits: 

Most people who have approved disability claims receive between $800 and $1800 per month.

Government disability payments cannot exceed 80% of the average income that you earned prior to becoming disabled. If you are receiving other state or federally funded disability payments, such as worker’s compensation, your SSDI monthly benefits may be reduced.

If you apply and your claim is denied, do not give up.  You can still receive thousands of dollars in monthly disability benefits by filing an appeal.

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