Where’s My Tax Refund? Learn How to Easily Track Your Tax Refund – State & Federal – With These Tips

Wondering where your tax refund is? You’re not alone. If you’re like many Americans, you rely on your refund to pay bills or purchase necessities. Luckily, an IRS refund tracker tool can help you find your refund easily. In fact, a tax return tracker can give you a rough idea of when you’ll get your money from both federal and state tax returns. 

You can track tax refund statuses online in a few easy steps. All you need to do is enter a few pieces of personal information, and you’ll have your answer! Don’t keep waiting and wondering where your money is. Learn how to find and track it today.

When Can You Expect Your Refund? Track Your Tax Refund Status to Find Out
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Counting on your tax refund this year? We get it. You can easily track state refund and federal return statuses to learn when you can expect your money. This can help you budget and plan for how to use your refund when it comes in. 

The IRS issues most tax refunds in 21 days. This timeframe isn’t a guarantee though. Your return could come sooner or later, depending on a few factors. 

For example, your refund could arrive after the 21-day timeframe if:

  • You mail your return.
  • It contains errors or mistakes.
  • It is incomplete or is missing important documents.
  • It has been affected by fraud or identity theft. 
  • You claimed an Earned Income Tax Credit or Additional Child Tax Credit.
    • This adds about 14 days to the total processing time.
  • It requires further review by an auditor. 
  • You included an Injured Spouse Allocation.

Several tax return tracker tools can help you understand if any of the above factors are affecting your refund. 

If your tax return contains errors or is missing information, you will receive a notice from the IRS identifying these errors. It will also typically give you a timeline for amending them and sending in a new return. 

Also, be mindful of your bank, credit union or other financial institution. If you are still waiting for your refund and see on an IRS refund tracker that it has already been processed, your bank could be the problem. 

Note: Some institutions take a bit longer to post your refund to your bank account or send it by mail.

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