If you’re expecting a federal tax refund from the IRS, chances are you want it sooner rather than later. The good news is the “IRS check refund status” tool – otherwise known as Where’s My Refund – can help you locate your money and determine when it will arrive. You can use this tool regardless of whether you filed online or by mail.

But that’s not the only way to see the status of your federal tax return. The IRS makes it easy for anyone to track down their money. Learn all the ways you can track your IRS refund today.

Missing Your Federal Tax Refund? Learn How to Use the IRS Refund Tracker & More

Did you file your taxes on your own? Or did you file through a tax preparation company? No matter how you filed, you can track the tax return status and get updates to see where your federal refund is in the following ways. 

Option 1: Use the IRS Track My Refund tool.

The easy-to-use tool – otherwise known as Where’s My Refund – is provided by the IRS to help you get the most recent status of your refund. Here’s what you’ll need to use it:

  • Social Security Number
  • Tax filing status
  • Exact refund amount 

You can use this tax return tracker online or download the IRS2Go app to use it on your mobile device. After inputting your information, you’ll see one of three status updates:

  • Return Received – The IRS has your tax return but hasn’t processed it.
  • Refund Approved – The IRS agrees with your refund amount.
  • Refund Sent – Your money is on its way to you.

Option 2: Call the IRS.

This method to track tax refund status updates usually takes the longest, as you’ll likely experience long wait times in order to speak to a representative. Typically, you should only call:

  • 3 weeks after filing electronically.
  • 6 weeks after filing by mail.

Option 3: Analyze your IRS account.

If you have an account with the IRS, look over your online information to view updates about your return. Your account will also display any amounts you may owe to the IRS. 

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