Do you live in a state that taxes your income? If so, you’ll want to track state refund statuses alongside your federal return to get a better idea of when you will get all of your money. These refunds are issued by individual states, not the federal government. In order to track them, you’ll need to go through the state you live in. 

Most states have a tax return tracker tool just like the IRS. In others, you may need to contact the revenue department to receive updates or information on your refund. Ready to track your state tax refund? Learn how below.

Are You Owed a State Tax Refund? Learn the 3 Pieces of Info You Need to Track Your State Refund

Taxpayers looking to check tax return status updates for state refunds will follow a different set of steps compared to those checking on their federal refunds. Keep in mind: Each state has a different approach to tracking refunds. 

Unlike the IRS refund tracker, there isn’t one uniform tool used across the country for state refunds. No matter where you live though, you’ll be required to provide certain information before you can get any updates on your refund. 

1. Social Security Number (SSN)

Before you can track your state refund status, you need to prove your identity. Nearly all states require you to submit your SSN to do so. If you don’t have one, you may be able to enter an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN).

2. Exact Refund Amount

Not an estimate, but the exact amount of your refund (rounded to the nearest whole dollar) will be needed. Some states may even ask you to get it down to the cent!

3. Tax Filing Status

Depending on where you live, you might need to provide more information about your filing status. For example, if you filed as married filing jointly, separately, head of household, etc.

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