Easy Side Jobs That Most People Overlook

Easy Side Jobs That Most People Overlook

Additional income will help you to reach your goals faster and these easy side jobs that most people overlook assist in that area. You can earn more money to pay off debt, prepare for an addition to your family or increase your emergency fund.

Online Tutor

An online tutor assists students with various subjects and most specialize in a single area. While you can advertise to and tutor students on your own, it’s often easier to find students through a service established for that purpose.

You can tutor students in almost any recognized skill that you have. For example, if you’re good at Economics, you can tutor others in this area. The average salary is $20,000 per year. The pay that you can earn depends on the area and level that you teach at, with postgraduate tutoring attracting the highest pay.

Despite that, it’s often easier to find clients at the primary level. Parents want their children to master essential skills and will pay for additional instruction for a child in Mathematics and English.

Pet Sitter

People who love animals can earn extra money in a variety of ways. Whether you want to make money on the side or are looking for small business ideas that don’t require a significant amount of capital to start, consider pet sitting.

Pet sitters can earn $20,000 per year. While you may generally get to spend time with animals that are in great health, consider gaining additional skills that allow you to be a better carer to animals with special needs. You’ll often be able to work through an agency.

If a pet sitting agency doesn’t exist in your area, that’s a great opportunity for you. Consider starting one of your own and hiring other caring, responsible people who genuinely love being around animals.

Online Notary

People have documents notarized for many different purposes. It is often easier for them to get assistance from an online notary, than to physically travel to a notary.

Virtual notaries have to assess documents from applicants, other signatories and witnesses. You’ll have to be thorough in checking identification and affix your electronic seal to the soft copies. These jobs pay $27,000 per year on average.

Online Hip Hop Instructor

If you’re formally trained in hip hop or are talented in this dance form, you can earn extra money as a hip hop instructor. You’ll be able to earn more if you can teach from the beginner to advanced level.

Hip hop tutors may work with community organizations to tutor dance online. You may be asked to commit to a class for a specific period, such as six months or a year.

Personal Chef

If you can cook really well, consider earning an additional income as a personal chef. Starting a side business in this area is a lot less stressful than full-fledged catering because you only have to focus on one individual or one family at a time

You can boost your income by learning to cook a wider variety of dishes. This helps you to cater to people who like cuisine from other countries. Training in the culinary arts is a plus but not always required. Cooking well is more important. You’ll build your clientele through word of mouth as well as through your own promotion of your business.

Dinner Party Host

If you like the atmosphere created by gathering with friends and family for a meal but are not so enthused about cooking, consider becoming a dinner party host. The best side businesses to start when you’re looking to earn extra income are those that require very little cash. One that relies more on your skills than physical supplies or equipment allows you to profit from the beginning.

Hosts and hostesses liven up a party, ensure that all guests feel welcome and generally help to chase the blues away. They should be able to manage and squash any conflicts that may arise, as they sometimes unfortunately do at events where there’s a possibility of inebriation or someone being forced to be near an individual who rubs them the wrong way.

After-Party Clean Up Service

Side business ideas that are focused on things that other people are too tired to do have the potential to do well. After a party, people are often exhausted. Unfortunately, when all the guests have gone home, the hosts are left with seating to clean up and pack away, decorations to take down and other tasks.

Your service makes their lives easier, as you bring their home back to the state of welcoming comfort that existed prior to their celebration. This type of service can help community groups, commercial party planners and other organizations.

At-Home Cooking Teacher

An at-home cooking teacher can get their certification online. This modality gives you the type of experience that you hope to deliver to your own clients. If you wish, you can do an offline culinary instruction course at a local college as well.

You will decide how much you charge. If you’re in a competitive area, that will affect your prices. Consider offering an array of courses. For example, if you do a short course in Jamaican breakfast cuisine while on holiday in Montego Bay, you could charge more for that course than one which teaches general cooking skills.


A home-based business can be your route to financial freedom. What you start with just a few dollars can grow into a business that allows you to support your family and send your children to university.

If a lack of knowledge is preventing you from taking the first steps to starting a business, consider doing an online course. These free courses can help:

  1. Starting your Small Business, from OpenLearn
  2. Essentials of Entrepreneurship, from the University of California
  3. Starting a Business or Social Enterprise, from Alison.com

All of these courses are free. They will help you to improve your outlook if you don’t currently feel ready to start a business. Small businesses drive most economies and yours can help your country, while putting money in your pocket.

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