Unclaimed bankruptcy funds can be an instant source of financial relief. Even if you do not believe that you have any unclaimed funds from a bankruptcy case, it’s worth taking the time to verify that you do not. This may be especially true if you are handling a deceased loved one’s final affairs, as they may have had unclaimed money from such a case. 

The process for finding unclaimed bankruptcy money owed to you is simple. You can do so through a quick online search. You will need to provide your personal information, or that of your deceased loved one, to determine if you have a claim. Find out more about how to find unclaimed bankruptcy funds below.

Finding Missing Money: How to Locate Unclaimed Bankruptcy Funds
bankruptcy funds locator

If you believe that you may have unclaimed bankruptcy funds, you can search an online database provided by the United States Courts website. This website offers an Unclaimed Funds Locator to help you find the money that is owed to you. The Unclaimed Funds Locator provides detailed information for creditors and other recipients who have unclaimed money following a bankruptcy case. 

When performing an online search for unclaimed bankruptcy money, you will need to provide various pieces of information. The more information you provide, the more accurate your search results will be. You can provide the following details: 

  • The name of the court the bankruptcy was filed in
  • Your name or that of your deceased loved one in the “creditor” portion of the search
  • The debtor’s name (the person to whom you loaned money)
  • The bankruptcy case number
  • The minimum amount of money that you are owed
  • The date that the bankruptcy case decision was given

If you do not have some of the above information, you may leave the space blank and continue your search. 

In some cases, unclaimed bankruptcy funds may not appear in the search results under your name. If you feel that you have unclaimed funds that are not shown in the results, contact the court that handled the bankruptcy case. 

It is the specific local court’s responsibility to inform the U.S. Court of awarded funds that have gone unclaimed, and human and technical error may prevent this information from being shared. Alternatively, you can also contact the state’s treasury department to determine if the funds may have been transferred there until the time they are claimed. 

Note: Once you have located unclaimed bankruptcy money, you must submit a claim to receive the funds. 

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