Every state has authority over driving and vehicles. Most areas call it the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). The state-run office provides comprehensive driving services. These offices issue and manage licenses and vehicles, including car registration.

Some states use private companies to handle many but not all DMV-related services. A tag agency completes service processes related to registration, license plates, and stickers or tags.

Difference Between the DMV and Tag Agencies
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At a tag agency, you could:

  • Register your vehicle.
  • Renew the registration.
  • Request a replacement.
  • Make address and name changes to your vehicle registration.

However, you will not be able to do any of these actions with your driver’s license. If you need to do multiple actions involving licensing and vehicles, you should go through the DMV because the tag agency cannot complete licensing services.

Tag agencies are typically faster and more convenient than going to a state-run office. Since they provide fewer services, they can streamline registration processes.

However, they can also be more expensive. The tag agency operates for profit, so it charges the same DMV fees plus an additional amount.

You can save time no matter which location you choose by completing forms in advance. The forms the tag agency accepts are the same at the state-run DMV.

Another way to save time is to make sure you have all the documents needed and a valid payment method. DMVs and tag agencies may accept or decline different payment types, like cash, credit cards, and checks.

While most tag agencies do not schedule appointments, many DMVs do. You can also call agencies and offices to check on wait times and business.

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