The VA has benefit programs in place to ensure that the families of Veterans — not only Servicemembers — can be financially taken care of in case their Veterans loved one becomes disabled or injured during military service and can no longer work. Dependency and Indemnity Compensation, or DIC, is a tax-free monetary benefit program that offers compensation to a few groups.

The first group inclues the surviving spouses, children, or parents of Servicemembers who died on active duty, during active duty training, or inactive duty training. The second group includes survivors of Veterans who died from their service-connected disability. 

More Veteran Disability Benefits for You and Your Family

If you are the parents of a Servicemember who died, your DIC benefit payments will be income-based.

If you are the spouse, your monthly rates start at $1,357.56 per month, and children may receive amounts that start at $573.20

Special Monthly Compensation is a program for Veterans who are already receiving Disability Compensation, but due to circumstances are eligible for even more benefits.

It is a tax-free benefit, and you may qualify if: 

  • You have a very severe disability or loss of limb, or
  • You have a spouse, child, or dependent parent and your combined disability rating is 30% or greater, or
  • You have a spouse with a serious disability.

If you are a recently returned military Servicemember or a long-time Veteran, or even a family member, there are more cash assistance benefits available to you. 

Next, learn how you can receive monetary assistance to pay for an education, through programs like the GI Bill, Dependents Education Assistance (DEA), and more.

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