Bundling Your Insurance: Many companies provide both homeowners and auto insurance and provide perks when you buy both from them. Esurance, for example, will provide up to a 10% discount with one of their auto and home insurance bundles and even allow you to pay a single deductible if you file a claim that involves both your home and car.

Bundle Homeowners and Auto Insurance and Install Home Security Devices

Allstate, on the other hand, provides discounts of up to 25% and offers an online quote wizard to clients who bundle insurance policies.

Again, do your research before bundling with an insurance provider – it’s still possible, for example, that you could pay less overall buying auto insurance from one provider and home insurance for another provider than bundling with a single provider.

You can also bundle renters and auto insurance – for instance, Geico renter’s insurance can be bundled with their auto insurance and provides, in our opinion, one of the best auto and renters insurance bundles.

Installing Home Security Devices: Insurance providers are businesses, of course, and so they want to save money by lowering coverage for homes and rentals that are at higher risk of having to make a claim. Maybe dirty, but true!

Similar to how auto insurance providers can provide discounts for those who are deemed “safe drivers,” homeowner and renters insurance providers can provide discounts for those whose homes are deemed to be at lower risk of danger.

Consider getting a burglar alarm, smoke detector, and/or dead-bolting your home or apartment. You’ll want to get the best home or apartment security system you can in order to convince providers that you’re less of a risk.

Of course, inquire about any discounts before installing to make sure the money you’ll save outweighs the cost of your security improvements!

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