Are you expecting a car insurance refund from your insurance provider? Not sure when it will arrive? The time it takes to actually see a refund reflected on your account depends on your insurance provider, as well as the way in which they issue your refund. For example, mailed refund checks typically take longer than direct deposits. Also, your insurance provider may need some time to calculate your refund to see if you actually qualify.  

If you’re counting on a gap insurance refund, find out how long it’ll take to receive it. Learn the estimated refund time frames for a few popular insurance companies, like Allstate and State Farm, below.

Need Your Money Fast? Learn When to Expect Your Car Insurance Refund
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If you think you are owed an auto insurance refund but haven’t been notified by your provider, contact your insurer right away. This will initiate the refund process and help speed things along. 

The time it takes to get your refund varies depending on your company. 

For example, most Allstate auto insurance refunds for coverage cancellations are issued as soon as the insurance agent processes the cancellation. Most take just a few days. And, if you have Allstate, your refund will typically be provided to the same bank account or card you use to pay for coverage. 

Refunds for other reasons, like reduced car insurance during pandemic periods, may not be as quick. This is because the company needs to verify that your driving habits did, in fact, change due to the pandemic.

If you’re requesting a State Farm auto insurance refund, for example, you may request that a check be mailed to you instead of direct deposit. Mailed checks typically take longer to get to you, so you can expect to receive a mailed refund within two weeks of issuance. 

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