If you have a car insurance policy through companies like Progressive, Allstate or State Farm, you could qualify for a refund when you no longer need coverage. A car insurance refund can get you back your money when you are no longer using the insurance policy. Whether you move, sell your car or are just driving less, you may qualify for a refund. 

Learn more about insurance refunds from some of the most popular car insurance companies out there. You could qualify for $100s back on your policy! Take a look at the sections below for information.

State Farm, Progressive & Allstate Auto Insurance Refunds – Learn How Popular Companies Are Issuing Refunds NOW!

Popular car insurance companies like State Farm, Allstate and Progressive have refund policies in place that protect you as the insured driver. When you cancel coverage, for example, you could qualify for an auto insurance refund for the remaining balance you already paid. 

The amount and availability of refunds depends on the company. You could get a State Farm auto insurance refund, for example, if you cancel your policy in the middle of your current coverage month. Since you already paid in full for the upcoming month – and cancel coverage halfway through – you could see a refund for the unused portion you already paid for.

This is similar to Progressive and Allstate auto insurance refunds, which apply when you cancel coverage that you already paid for. This goes for upfront yearly payments as well as month-to-month payments. 

You won’t get a car insurance refund if you cancel your policy at the end of the month, or at the end of your policy. This is because you already used all the coverage that you paid for.  

Refunds for other reasons, such as moving to a lower-risk area, also vary by company. It may be in your best interest to contact your insurance provider and discuss the availability of refunds for reasons such as this. 

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