Before you change jobs, it is important to be prepared. Here are the steps you should take to ensure that your career shift goes smoothly. You have to first start by assessing your situation and figuring out why you wish to quit your job.

How to Prepare for a Job Transition

Assess Your Situation

Try to understand the reasons why you are dissatisfied with your current job. You must ask yourself a few key questions before you start looking for a new job. This includes finding out if there is anything you can do differently in the future to avoid ending up in a similar situation.

One thing you can do is to write down a description of your ideal job. Once you have it, be sure to break down your job search into a few phases, like research, selection, sending out applications and preparing for interviews. This will help to guide you toward a job that gives you satisfaction, and you will hopefully not wind up in the same situation anytime soon.

Give Proper Notice

Once you decide to leave, be sure to give your employer proper notice. This is considered the standard for almost any position. The notice amount may be listed in the contract with your current employer. Usually, it is two weeks.

Be Honest in the Exit Interview

While you do not want to burn any bridges when leaving your old job, it is a good idea to be honest with your supervisor or the human resources department about your reasons for leaving. For example, if the work environment made it hard to be productive, let them know so they can address that issue for other employees.

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