Getting a personal loan can help you pay off your debt at a lower rate than you currently pay now. If you are not yet late on your payments, your credit score might help you get a better rate.

If you have already missed payments and have negative remarks on your credit report, it might be more difficult for you to get a loan. A personal loan does much of the same as debt consolidation for credit cards.

Can I Get a Loan for My Credit Card Debt?
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You can combine your debts into one payment by getting funds to pay off your creditors. By having one monthly payment, you may feel less financially stressed since your payment should be less than all of them collectively. 

Likewise, you might be able to impact your debt harder by putting more cash towards your principal. A lower interest rate and a single creditor can make it easier for you to pay off your debt faster and for less in interest charges. 

A loan can help you get a handle on your debt. It can be your fresh start towards paying off your loans.

However, you should consider the following before getting a loan:

·     Is the personal loan interest rate less than your current rates?

·     Is the monthly payment something you can afford?

·     Can you keep to the loan terms, like making payments for three to five years?

If you are not eligible for an unsecured loan, you may be able to get a secured loan by putting something of value up as collateral. A lender may feel more comfortable with lending you money if it is backed by your home or vehicle.

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