Millions of adults in the United States do not have a checking or savings account. If this sounds like you because you do not want a bank account or are unable to sign up for one, there are direct deposit debit cards that do not require a bank. A great option for you might be a prepaid debit card with direct deposit.

These are reloadable debit cards that are linked to a stand-alone account with a prepaid balance that you also have the option to reload with more money. Even though prepaid debit cards are not connected to a checking account your employer can still send your paychecks electronically to your prepaid card by using direct deposit.

Get Fast Access To Cash Without An Account
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The government can also send you benefits to a prepaid debit card, much like they could direct deposit to a typical debit card.

This makes it quick and easy to access money without ever having to step foot in a bank.

Using direct deposit with a prepaid debit card eliminates several days that you would normally have to wait if you were to deposit a check in the traditional way, and this time does not even include how long it might take to go to a bank.

Prepaid debit cards are a simple way to pay bills, rent a car, or do other financial transactions without having any sort of bank account.

To sign up for a prepaid debit card you, all it takes is a quick online search.

Some prepaid debit cards may require a monthly fee but if you search hard enough, you can usually find free prepaid cards with direct deposit

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