Learn About Getting the Maximum Stimulus Payments in 2021

Most people received their first and second 2020 stimulus payments, and many received their third in 2021. But you do not have to worry about missing your cash if you still have yet to get a check or deposit. You can still claim all three stimulus payments if you have not already.

The federal government is also issuing Plus-Up Payments. These additional funds are for qualifying taxpayers who received less than they should since the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is still processing income and other information changes. Do not miss your final opportunities to claim your government money. 

How to Claim All of Your Missing Stimulus Money
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The IRS used your prior tax refund information to calculate your first and second stimulus checks. The first payments started in April 2020, but many taxpayers had not yet submitted their 2020 tax refund. So, the IRS needed to refer to 2019 and 2018 filings. 

As a result of using outdated information, some residents receive less than what they would have qualified for with their 2020 tax return. Some residents missed out on their first and second payments entirely. 

Some examples of outdated or incorrect information that could affect your stimulus payments include the following:

  • Making less in 2020 than in prior years
  • Having a baby, adopting a child, or getting a qualifying dependent in 2020
  • No longer being someone’s dependent in 2020
  • Change in filing statuses, such as single, head of household, or married joint filings
  • Old mailing address or banking information

Fortunately, you can claim your missed or inaccurate first and second stimulus payments on your 2020 taxes. The deadline for the 2020 tax year was October 15, 2021. However, there is no penalty for filing late if you do not owe the government money. 

If you do not receive your third payment and qualify, you can file a claim on your 2021 taxes. You cannot claim the third stimulus payment for 2020 since it is part of the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021.

You may not file your taxes generally if you make less than a certain amount or your income comes from the government. You can claim your stimulus payments with the IRS Non-filer Sign-up Tool. 

The IRS website also has a “Get My Payment” tool to find out information about your third stimulus payment, including its status and the amount. Next, learn more about how much you should have received in government money.

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