Just like your driver’s license, you will need to renew your car registration before it expires. Depending on your state, your renewal period may be annually or bi-annually. You will need to ensure the vehicle has up-to-date and valid registration for as long as you own the car.

The available method to renew your registration depends on your local authority. Some states have websites that allow you to renew conveniently online. With online renewals, simply follow the prompts and input necessary information as needed.

Renewing Your Car Registration

Other areas may have mailing or in-person options only. Your state may have sent you a renewal letter that you can complete and mail back with payment. The letter will need to be postmarked before the expiration date.

If you need to renew your registration in person, you may need to schedule an appointment. You will also need to visit the division that handles vehicles, as some only process licenses.

Renewing your registration is simpler than the initial process. Documents and information you may need include:

  • Your current registration.
  • Your driver’s license.
  • Proof of car insurance.
  • The car’s VIN.
  • The license plate number.

Emissions or other requirements must be complete before you can renew registration. You will also need to present proof of meeting the state’s environmental and safety requirements.

You may be subject to additional fees if you do not renew your registration before or on the expiration date. Likewise, you could receive tickets or other consequences if a law enforcement officer finds you driving with expired registration.

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