When you take your vehicle in for a service, most mechanics do a quick look over the car for any needed repairs. However, a full car service involves a more comprehensive review of the vehicle. On average, there are more than 50 points on a full car service list. 

However, each shop and dealer decide what to include on their full-service list, and the specific will vary. However, most mechanic shops and dealers will include certain services in their lists. Some components reviewed during a full car service include the following:

What to Know About Getting Auto Care and Full Car Service
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  • Hydraulic fluid and coolant levels
  • Suspension and steering alignment
  • Top-ups on fluids like oil and antifreeze
  • Replacement of filters
  • Inspection and replacement of the battery
  • Replacing light bulbs 
  • Safety checks on horn, brakes, and more

Discount auto services can save you from making costly repairs later when something breaks.

During a full car service, the mechanic will list worn-down parts or safety concerns if applicable. For example, you could wake up to a car full of mold because you never repaired a leaky sunroof. 

Or, you might have trouble turning the car and get into an accident if you do not replace your power-steering fluid.

Fluids are essential for your vehicle to run and operate safely. Leaks can occur with time as gaskets, seals, and covers wear. 

You should find out where leaks are coming from if you have stains or puddles under your parked vehicle. These inexpensive repairs and replacements can prevent your car from a more expensive bill when something serious breaks due to neglect.

If you have service lights, you should consider having a professional look at them sooner rather than later.

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