You might be surprised to find out that your car’s wheels and steering components can shift. A wheel alignment straightens out the steering and suspension system to correct any parts that have become off-kilter. Getting an alignment is also an important service to make sure that your vehicle is safe.

If you have not had a wheel alignment in a long time, you may want to consider getting one. However, there are other ways to determine if you need an alignment even sooner. Continue reading below to find out if your vehicle may be due for a wheel alignment.

How Often to Get a Wheel Alignment

Signs that you need an alignment include:

  • Having problems handling your car, such as your car pulling to one side. In addition to causing damage to your vehicle’s steering components, this can make driving dangerous.
  • Your steering wheel is crooked. If your steering wheel is not straight – the wheel looks like it is turned when it is driving straight – you have an alignment problem. 
  • The wear on your tires is irregular. Misalignment creates more wear on the edges of your tire, which also leads to shortening your tires’ life. By keeping your car aligned, you can reduce the frequency of tire replacement.  

Misalignment can happen with a sudden impact like getting into an accident, hitting a curb hard, and from a pothole. It can also just occur from use and parts becoming worn. 

A misaligned vehicle will cost you more than if it drove straight. When your car is off, your tires wear differently. You will need to replace your tires more frequently, and you are more at risk of a tire blowout.  

Regular checks can ensure you are driving an aligned car.

Many mechanics recommend an alignment every one to two years. You might want to align the service with another, such as tire replacement, to save you time and money. You might find a tires plus alignment coupon from your local shop.  

Another time to request a wheel alignment is when you replace your brakes.

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