How to Save Money on Tires

Tires may be one of the most integral parts needed to drive a car. A good set of tires can help you navigate through road and weather hazards, and run down tires can be a hazard themselves. Unfortunately, they can also be really expensive to replace.

If you are worried about the cost of a new set, there are things you can do to help you cut costs. The good news is: You can purchase affordable tires without having to sacrifice quality. Check out these helpful tips to learn how you can get affordable, quality tires

Discover the Best Times of Year to Buy New Tires
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The best time to look for new tires are in the months April and October. Dealers put tires on sale during these times to entice you to purchase new tires for the upcoming season. Certain tires are better for driving in the summer heat and in the driven snow. 

Winter tires have a higher amount of natural rubber that keeps them flexible in the coldness of winter. The higher the rubber percentage, the softer the tire, and soft tires are better able to connect with the cold road surface. This will improve grip and your handling of the vehicle in slick conditions. 

Winter tires also have more of the tiny grooves in their treads, which disperses water to prevent the likelihood of hydroplaning. The grooves and the deep tread pattern in winter tires lock onto the snow, ice, and slush for optimal control. 

Summer tires have a harder synthetic compound with less rubber percentage to adapt to dry and wet conditions. Because of the harder compound, they are able to withstand higher temperatures. Summer tires can become brittle when it becomes very cold. 

Harder tires also mean less friction with the road’s surface, so they are more fuel-efficient than winter tires. While they have fewer tread grooves, summer tires still minimize hydroplaning. 

If you do not live in an area with extremely high or low temperatures, you may consider getting all-season tires. All-season tires are a hybrid of winter and summer tires. They may have less grip than tires specific to the season. 

When it is time to shop for tires, make sure you go to the place with the most options. 

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