Don’t Settle for Less – Find Out How to Get the Most Cash for Your Used Items Through eBay, OfferUp, Pawn Shops & More!

Selling your old stuff can prove to be a great moneymaker – if you know where to list it. Just as an example, the number of Craigslist car sales by owners is astounding; millions of vehicles are listed on the website each day. If you’re looking to pawn your possessions, it’s important to know where you can get the most money, whether it’s pawn shops or certain online marketplaces.

To maximize your sales, you’ll want to list your items on the right platforms. Get information on Facebook Marketplace, eBay and other great places where you can get big cash for your stuff.

Looking to Earn Cash Fast? Discover 4 Things You Can Sell Now to Make Big Money
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Thinking about selling some of your old items? You can sell just about anything. But there are a few items that sell on eBay and other listing sites that tend to sell for big bucks! Don’t waste your time trying to pawn off trinkets worth pennies. Instead, find out which items will earn you the biggest return.

Take a look at Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist or eBay – what kinds of things do you see the most? Doing some research will help you get an understanding of what items you have at home that could help you rake in the cash. 

Of course, you’ll see Craigslist trucks for sale all over the site. That’s because used trucks, cars and vans are in high demand. If you’re looking to sell a truck in good condition, you could earn a pretty penny.

Aside from cars, though, there are a few other household items that sell surprisingly well. Old VHS tapes are eBay best sellers, especially if they’re old Disney tapes. You could get up to $20 each, which isn’t bad considering they’re probably collecting dust in your basement. 

Have any old Legos or Lego sets lying around? You might be surprised to learn that even mismatched or incomplete Lego sets still sell for $5 to $10 per pound online. Bonus points if you sort them by color!

Facebook Marketplace is a great place to sell old sporting gear, like bikes, baseball bats, golf clubs and skis. They typically sell fast if you list them during the right season, like selling skis at the start of winter or selling golf clubs in the springtime.

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