The average personal loan APR is 9.41%. All loan companies offer ranges of rates based on numerous qualifying factors and regulations. Being a credit union member or bank customer does not necessitate qualifying for their respective loan programs.

While it is possible a business or community relationship with a credit union or bank can sometimes help push loans through, it is also advisable to compare loan rates between various external loan companies.

Comparing Rates Between Various Loan Companies

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Online loan companies offer a multitude of loan programs and APRs. Qualifying factors are essentially the same for all lenders. Some lenders are willing to work with lower credit than others, however. Other lenders specialize in offering certain types of loans.

For example, credit unions focus on financial education and offer credit-builder loan programs to help their customers improve their credit ratings and improve collective borrower status.

SoFi, for another example, offers low APR loans to students as a way to consolidate student loan debt. This helps reduce both the monthly expenses and pressure experienced by graduates just entering the job market.

Comparing rates between various loan companies is a smart and responsible way to approach borrowing. Personal responsibility is important, especially when taking on new debt. Doing so can also save you valuable money in the end. Some of the best personal loan rates on the market today include:

• Credible – Rates as low as 3.99%, guarantees the best rates and pays you $200 if it fails to provide them.

• AmONE – Rates as low as 3.49% for great credit but accepts FICO scores as low as 300 at higher rates.

• LightStream – 2.49% for excellent credit with AutoPay, 4.49% for a 660 FICO and no fees. 

• SoFi – Student loan refinancing from 2.74%, 5.99% personal loan with AutoPay.

• Best Egg – Rates as low as 5.99% for a 640 minimum FICO score and able to fund personal loans within 24 hours after approval.

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