6 Degrees That Are More Valuable Than You Might Think

6 Degrees That Are More Valuable Than You Might Think

It is not always easy for students to choose the best degree that suits their career needs these days. Apart from the fact that there are nearly endless options to choose from, the world and the job market are changing fairly quickly. The global economy is being transformed by everything from rapidly increasing populations and emerging diseases to new technologies, which means that it can be quite hard to predict how the future job market will look like.

Plus, education and career professionals are predicting that the majority of graduate jobs that will be marketable in the next decade don’t actually exist yet. This raises a very difficult question: How can you decide which degree program to pursue if you can’t be certain about what your future job might look like?

A degree signals to your potential employer that you have taken your time to learn and master your craft and are well-versed in that particular profession. What’s more, it tells your employers that you have lots of valuable skills that are transferable in the workplace, including problem-solving skills, critical thinking, time management, collaboration, and communication, among others.

Fortunately, your chances of acquiring a degree has been made relatively easier by online degree programs. Online degrees are fast becoming a popular alternative to costly four-year programs. Online college courses can be appealing to students because of the many options available, their flexibility and affordability. Instead of being limited to your local learning institutions, attending an online university allows you to earn your degree from a university in another state or across the border. On the web, where everything is possible, you can access the best and most unique materials from the world’s renowned scholars.

If you are looking to pursue an online degree program but can’t figure out the best online degree program that suits your career development needs, read on. Below are six degrees that are more valuable than you might think.

International Finance Degree

We already know that business is increasingly becoming global, and online degree programs that are tailored toward navigating international concerns are rapidly replacing general finance degrees. More and more organizations are realizing that they need finance experts who know and understand finance regulations, local and foreign tax codes, international financial laws among other critical areas. 

This is where a finance major or international business degree proves worthwhile, as you’ll become an invaluable expert in the nuts and bolts of sectors that are essential in global trade.

Health Science

Dreaming about making a difference and making the world a better place? If so, then a degree in health science might just be what you need. There are a lot of specializations in the field of health science and you just have to go in the direction that makes most sense to you. A degree in the health science field not only guarantees a good salary, but also gives you good job prospects in general. Research has proven that jobs in patient education are projected to increase by 26% in the next decade. In fact, according to Forbes, nearly 13 out of the 20 fastest-growing jobs are in the healthcare sector.

Healthcare Administration

Healthcare administration as well as health science remains a highly promising career choice because medical technology and average life expectancy are also expected to rise. This simply means that people are living relatively longer, requiring more care in the process and this ultimately raises the demand for healthcare workers. 

It is also important to note that the salary increases heavily with more education and certification. Therefore, if you already have a degree in a health-related course, you should seriously consider enrolling for an online Master’s degree program in that particular field to boost your knowledge and income as well.

Information Technology

Information technology is another valuable and highly booming industry. Generally, IT focusses on computer systems, both software and hardware, the use of these computer tools and systems to share data and securely design various systems that can be used to generate and analyze data and store information. 

Since it is a highly skilled profession, the pay is extremely high, with those in the field earning a median salary of at least $90,000 annually. The IT sector is equally adding lots of job opportunities more rapidly than other professions, with a projected growth rate of at least 15% in the next decade.


Across the globe, there is a shortage of teaching professionals. This only means that the demand for teachers will always be high. Whether you opt to study education at a traditional campus or in an online university, you may be able to find a role transforming the educational landscape while having a positive impact on the next generation. 

Most states usually require licensing or certifications to teach within a classroom, but a bachelor’s degree is a great place to start. If you are motivated to pursue a career as a professor or in administration, there are numerous online Master’s programs to help you further your career and become a true professional.

Operations and General Managers

With a degree in operations management, you may be well-equipped to secure a job in an area that is highly critical to the success of every organization. This top-level profession typically involves creating and formulating organizational policies and enforcing them as well. 

To be more precise, day-to-day business operations, human resources and finance departments all fall under the extensive scope of the general and operations sector. To have a lifeline in this lucrative career, business managers need to have a degree and related professional certification.

Speech-Language Pathologists

Speech-language pathologists evaluate, diagnose and treat people with speech, swallowing or language difficulties. As a qualified speech pathologist, you’ll work with a variety of patients, including stroke victims who are learning to speak, children who have speech impediments, people who want help with stuttering and more. Simply put, this is a very broad field. 

Today, speech-language pathologists are among the best jobs in the healthcare sector. Also referred to as speech therapists, these professionals work in a broad range of settings including rehabilitation centers, private clinics, home health, school systems, skilled nursing facilities and nonprofit agencies. With a median salary of at least $75,000, speech therapy remains one of the most valuable and lucrative professions out there.

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